Sunday, July 31, 2005

Support the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY Movement

Put a whiteband on your website, add this code just under the <body> tag:

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19 Ethiopians turn their cameras onto their own lives. : Home

Nineteen Ethiopians turn their cameras onto their own lives and invite you to share their very personal perspectives. From diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country, their photographs give a rare insight into life in Ethiopia now. They will continue to post new photographs regularly until the end of 2005, so please check the site regularly.

T'was a eventful weekend

Prior to my previous post .. I was at Serangoon Gdn having supper cum dinner .. cum whatever ..

Bumped into another ol pal .. ToadJuice .. and exchanged some info of some other pals blogs .. like FATA's Club Narc blog and Karen's Blog ..

Looked like I've been left out of this blogosphere for too long a time ..

My neighbors just had Sex!!!

Was smoking at my window .. heheh .. saw my neighbors window closed, curtains pulled (except for the edge which the missed out)

.. suddenly one naked guy (the occupant is a chaboh!!) flashes past the gap .. and got dressed .. hmmm ..

.. kids nowadays really careless .. ..

Good News Smokers!!

Cigarette too expensive?? No prob! Found this!!

Only S$@2.60

Unfortunately .. only available in some Mama-shop .. I bought mine from the one beside "Chang2 Cheng2 Porridge Store" along New Bridge Road.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Cool Initial-D themed blog

-eSmunD: "intial "

.. well I guess ppl with a "Mund" in their names are cool

A good (but outdated) Anti-George"Warmonger" Bush's article

Magic City Morning Star: They All Died in Vain

Yes, some wars are necessary. Vietnam was not; neither is Iraq.
Charles Cutter .. writer of the article.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Update of myself .. .. 28 July 2005

Ok .. sadly but truly I am guilty of being a friend forgetter .. living in a hustle-bustle, work your fingers to your bones, social-benefitless island .. there is such a tendency to focus on the urgent than the important ..

so since I've got a blog now .. just thought that it might be good to give anyone who knows me have a snap shot my current state of life ..

Let's say I'll start with .. hhmm .. my work

I'm currently doing sales. Well .. actual job title :"Regional Marketing Executive". Job-scope: "SALES". Period

The thing I love most (and sometimes least) is the proximity of my workplace. 4-Storeys down the stairs .. 2-minutes walk across the car-park .. 1-Level up with the lift and within 50-steps .. my @ss is on my seat. YES. It is that near. Don't get jealous, coz it was not planned for.

In addition, while I am still asleep on my bed, most of my colleagues are trying to catch a nap in the MRT on the bus. Yes .. such a bum .. and

That aside. Other things I love a lot about this job is the fact that it is a start-up by a few of my friends. Being a start up means ::
  • No politics (Where got time)
  • No bureacracy (No 3 mths market research to decide if our forms should use arial or times-roman fonts)
  • No 1000 pages long rules and regulations to follow (Just do everything legal to bring the $$ in)
  • Extremely high level of freedom to act on things that matters
And also .. not to leave out the most crucial element of an ideal environment .. COLLEAGUES .. Well most of us are really highly motivated team-players. Unlike, most intensive sales environment, integrity is an important value amongst us. I've been in a D bank and geesh .. you wouldn't believe how unscrupulously some animals can get. Well, I did not say all of them are bad. But, a piece of crap is enough to stink a whole room .. talk about a lump of it ..

Last, but not least, it's gotta be abt the boss. (Gotta include this .. in case my boss reads this post)

Being in the business of selling conferences and workshops, the TOP is really congruent in their emphasise on training .. .. for us. Really. Most companies of our size, will spend their penny on training last. Cos to them .. it is a mentality of hire .. fire .. rehire .. Well, here .. things are just different.

.. Damn .. writen so much and I m still on work?? Ok .. now u can guess how no-life I m .. skip .. skip .. ..

.. Next .. let's talk about Marital Status .. ..
  • Single
  • Available
  • Not Desperate .. but
  • Always horny.
--The End --
.. haha .. another sign that I m damn friggin no-life ..

.. Leisure ::
Riding .. .. my MTB, I mean .. ..

do some really nice rides to M'sia .. .. some of the pix can be found on my friend's online journal.

To be really honest .. the cycling part is an excuse. The real reason is .. u must haf guessed it .. FOOD .. M'sia is a "food paradise with 1/2 the price" . And some of the best food is found in some of the weirdest places ..

One of my favourite "restaurant" is this van parked along the highway sell the best Lemuang and Rendang. Nap-shot-kari-pok .. it is somewhere between Kota Tinggi or Ulu Tiram.

The other hot-spot is along a slope ( a friggin slope to be exact ) between Kota Tinggi and Mersing .. it is really a pity that I did not have my camera with me for those rides .. or I could have uploaded some .. .. damn .. gotta pepare for next ride and make sure I am fit enough to carry such luxury items like my camera ..

Reading .. no not porno .. porno is not leisure .. it is sheer indulgence

I once thought that reading is over with my finals in NTU .. damn bloody WRONG!! It is only after you start reading that you realise how lil you know .. moving from unconscious incompetency to the level of conscious competency ..

I like reading about personal development books .. fav authors include Dr John C. Maxwell .. Ken Blanchard .. Dale Carnegie .. Robert Kiyo .. well generally that genre of books .. ..

was also trying to pick up Photography once .. but gosh .. see bey gwee .. gotta relak a little on that .. .. ..

and well what else I wanna say .. ok .. betta stop .. getting a lil late liao .. must go and .. do other things ..

Simple wisdoms .. by Miyagi

Good .. Simple .. yet demystifying .. reason on ::
Why blog?

Another Guiness Record from Singapore .. after the weekend

Dr William Tan is trying to beat 400+ laps in 24 hours .. This will enter into the Guiness Record .. I am sure he will make it .. having previously rode with him ..

Not sure if this is open to public .. will post if more info is known ..

Venue :: Raffles Institution (Bishan)'s track ..
The event starts Sat, 30 July, 5pm and ends Sun, 31 July, 5pm

Screw Microsoft!!!

WTF!! Those Micro-fucking-Softees wanna patent everything on earth!!!

See bey doo lan!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Originally uploaded by kappocino.



Ok .. Now I've got arrowed to be blogging on the behalf of my company .. cool .. well still expect to see the same me (without any obsenities) there .. rice bowl at stake ..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

it's growing and it's glowing

Just testing Flickr for the 1st time

Originally uploaded by kappocino.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Friggin Funny Clip

Chk out this friggin clip

Chio Kaw Peng!!!

Cool stuff of the Good of Days of ASCII imagery

Found this on the blog of Sun Micro's Chief Gaming Officer .. wat a job title .. dunno they got position for a Gaming Manager ornot??

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I've found THEM !!

I've finally found their blog!!!

My 2 mad dreamer friends fulfilling a dream that many are still dreaming!!!

Pls visit and shower them with some support ;)

The Great Biking Adventure

The Great Biking Adventure

A touring cyclist I chanced upon.. too bad she is too faraway for me to invite for Bike Aid 2006

:: contacted ::

Bumped into Soon Hock and Shin Kong of SJI ..

It is a real coincidence .. Shin Kong stays in Ubi .. Soon Hock stays in CCK .. and me .. .. just happened to be in McDonald's using their free WiFi ..

Managed to bring up a good conversation .. on Mr TT Durex to our common pals in SJI. It is just a pity that my bloody less-than-ideal LG5100T is low on batt .. else would have taken a pic or 2 for memory sake ..

Anyway .. a lil intro to this Soon Hock guy ..

Soon Hock is a swimmer that looks like a ball .. LITERALLY .. very round. The thing I could never forget was that fateful swimming competition day.. all others swimmers looked like .. well .. Swimmers .. with the well sculpted body .. BUT .. in the end .. Soon Hock won by a big lead .. ironic huh!!

1st Things 1st .. Lessons from my NCC days

Lying on my bed .. my mind just simply wandered to God-knows-where Land. Images just flasehed thru my mind .. Somehow something just flashes passed and I find that it is something I gotta pen it before it gets lost amongst the millions of neurons in the Grey Matter Network.

That will be the days of NCC ( National Cadet Corp ). The days where pride, camadarie, vanity are all rolled into one. Indeed, being the second oldest unit in S'pore is one thing to be proud of. Plus, the tradition of starhed uniforms that can stand on their own, boots shiny enough to comb your hair with. These are things we held dearly to. We sang the loudest, we had horse-shoes nailed to the soles of our boots. All these were really impressive and we guys are sure head-turners where ever we went.

BUT, flambuoyancy aside, there is one problem. We are not winning trophies!

We sure had a way of seeking perfection. Like ::
  • No crisp on the vanguard-sheets we used for charts
  • Impeccable entry of data into our record books
  • Formation-Signs 4-fingers beneathe the seam
  • Uniforms altered to accentuate our V-Shaped torsos
Huh .. wat else?? My memory is really starting to fail me, but you can't blame me exactly. 15 years of memories unvisited is sure to leave some stuff out.

Anyway, the point is this :: We are doing everything right, but not the right things. These are things that don't matter a nano-bit when it comes to the Best Unit Competition. These are not what the judges wanted. We have climbed hig up the ladder, but the ladder was leaning on the wrong wall.

So what could have been righted? Well, simple ::
Know what the judges wanted and to strive for perfection in those ares!

With all the hours sunk into the Kiwi and starch, how much more could have been achieved should they all be channeled to help pass those tests that will score points? I mean .. will someone remeber the guys with the shiniest boots? Or will history record the team that won the trophy?

This is pretty obvious, huh!

Traditions are meant to assist us in achieving greater heights. It is somethin to leverage on. Something to bind us together. Not something that holds advancement. Not something to be held on blindly. No more the 'good ol days' .. cause yeaterday ended last nite.

Had we but clinged on to the tradition of being winners, rather than 'look-gooders'. So much could have been gotten out of the entire experience.

Well then again, all these could not have made much sense to a teenager back then. Moreover, I really did enjoyed the times we've spent together, the bonds we've forged and the shit that we went thru together.

In fact, I would say that these are the bunch of coolest guys I've known. A bunch of buddies who, parted for 14 years, could still meet up last year without a sense of discomfort and reminisce on those good ol memories.

To sum ( before I end up writing a 1000 words article) just a reminder to myself that ::
1) Work Smart, and work very hard
2) Leverage on good traditions but don't be held back by it

Thanks for all the GOOD OLD TIMES fellow NCCers [SJI '90]

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Online Searches

Damn!! .. It is something so rewarding and yet so frustrating!! Was spending the entire night searching and yet not much results for my project. .. and it is not as though I am a novice in this .. F@#K!!!

With the information overflow, over-rated, over-duplicated, over-searched, over-whatever .. the cyber space is really going crazy!!!

Is there a better way than our dearest google .. God .. show me a vision!!

Why did someone thought of an "Researching Online for Dummies" but no one thought a bloody friggin "Online Reearch for Experts"! .. What .. they think all experts are some omnimous being or wat !!


Friday, July 15, 2005

Why Blogging is better than SEX!!

Hehe .. since somewhat .. someone .. somewhere .. somehow .. is gonna start this crap .. why not me ..

1) No one is gonna comment on the length of your blog
2) You can still blog 5 mins before a marathon
3) You can say that you've had better blogs without risk your life
4) You can do it in the crowded streets
5) You can blog 10 times a day without too much exhaustion
6) It doesn't matter if you are underaged
7) Communal activities are welcomed
8) Looking at other's blogs does constitute an intrusion of privacy
9) You can easily enjoy free feeds of someone else
10) It is usually free

And it all Begins

1st Post .. a hell lot more to come ..