Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Really Freak Accident

A freak accident in "The Age".

Ok .. yes .. my blog is getting a lil morbid with the recent posts .. but this is really damn choon lor ..

Hold a plate plate >> Fall Down >> Plate breaks >> Plate slices neck >> Man Dies ..

Life is so BRITTLE ..

Friday, November 11, 2005

Condom Ratings by FDA .. Good news for a lot my friends out there

This is a good news for a lot of my friends out there. At least it's easier to choose those rubbers now .. ..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is a good literature of the most commonly used and abused word .. FUCK ..

It has the history and evolution of the favourite word ..

.. Ok .. .. I was really fucking bored .. so I decided to just type some words into google and .. ta ta .. An excellent article to debunk the the myths about the FUCK .. like the common myth that has been circulating in the emails .. the "Fornication Under Consent of the King" .. which I had doubted since the 2nd time I read it

.. I mean "Fornication" means sex with some u are not married with .. not with your wife .. HALLO .. if Fornication is sex with spouse .. I think Clinton will be the least scandalous man on Earth ( .. kiddin ..)

New Coke Bottle Shares my Birthday!!

This is a damn bloody ego statement .. but Coke has announced the launch of their new aluminium bottles series .. ON MY BIRTHDAY .. yah outdated news .. .. SO WAT .. My birthday .. I happy leh!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cool Movie Site .. with quite a bit of Fan-Film

Decade of Decadence .. the 80s

It is party time .. just dropped by Phunk Studio and saw their party this weekend at Zouk .. .. by RSVP only .. .. wonder when will he call me up .. .. he'd better .. ;P ..

Free Photo host by Photo-i of Hardwarezone

You can now host fotos at Photo-i .. sound like a really cool service .. gonna register myself liao .. only drawback .. No porno !!

Some Rantings

It's fucking 3:21am and I am still awake! Urrghh .. Really tired ..

But then, well .. gotta make some $$ so .. boh-piens lah ..

Currently, I am running a few projects .. big and small .. fortunately most are still small .. (hmmm .. or should it be unfortunately they are still samll ) ..

1) Work :: I'll save the explanation .. I'd rather describe the mole on my dick than my job .. at least I am sure I can make it sound less boring

2) Blogasia.biz :: Yes .. that is where I blog for my company .. .. Just came to an agreement that I will given a lil' token for blogging (trust me that it's really a token only) .. so most efforts should go there ..

3) myAudioSpa.com :: That's a project between me and some friends .. should this pull thru .. It will spell a good Christmas for .. .. *sigh* .. really bring back memories of me best friend Alvin .. the days of selling Christmas Cards .. .. Yah .. he and te bunch at Phunk are really a bunch of wacky crazy entrepreneurs .. looks like I got a lot to catch up ..

Oh .. back to myAudioSpa.COM .. it is a project on developing an audio CD for Children Development .. .. and yes there is a blog there too ..

4) Cyclog 1.0 :: Here I am trying to fix up a blog on all bike related stuff .. well .. trying to making a fun site .. and eventually into a fund-raising channel .. not for myself (or should I?? ) .. but really for BikeAid Singapore.

While this may have not monetary value at teh end of the day .. month .. year .. eons .. well it is really a pet project that I'll like to keep .. really an online dairy .. an online album .. a watever ..

Also a good testing ground for some of the blogging tools ..

Yeap .. that's abt it .. got to go ..

Useless Animal Facts .. if these are true .. I wouldn't being an animal !!

"A pig's orgasm lasts half an hour."
"Lions can mate over 50 times a day."

Well if I can screw like an lion and or-gas like a pig .. sheessh .. 24 hours a day ain't enough!!!

"If you scaled up a barnacle to human size, its penis would measure the height of Nelson's column!!"

Hummm .. .. so will there be a "Barnacle Potion" to substitute the infamous Viagra and our neighbour's prized Tungkat Ali .. ..

The female black widow spider mates with up to 25 partners a day, eating the male afterwards.

Well .. many in Geylang can also mate 25 partners/night and swallow afterwards ..

It only takes monkeys 10 seconds to mate!

Was that why Durai was paid peanuts

Friday, November 04, 2005

Bankruptcy Hits record High!!

Well .. the truth .. despite society's perception .. ain't really too bad a thing. Less that $500,000 .. endure 3 Yrs .. don't do something stupid .. you're off the hook!! No wonder some credit card issuers are reluctant to leash out the Bankruptcy status ..

Another ironic thing .. You'll need SGD 1,600 to declare bankrupt!! Either the Credit Card Bankrupt you and they pay .. or you foot it yourself .. Kind of crappy right? If I can easily fork out that sum .. do you think I m at the verge of it?? If I m almost bankrupt .. do you think I can come out with the $$

.. then .. again .. as a rule of thumb of surviving in Singapore .. DON'T Question the Gahmen

Damn .. I took another look .. ..

Yes .. heard the police are here .. I took another look .. it is indeed a body .. not a drunk lying on the floor ..

FRIG .. now I am hearing someone puking downstairs!! URrrrgghh .. .. I do not wanna imagine things .. but goosshh!!

And my phone just rang .. it was the investigator from the Central Police .. am I not glad they did not ask me go downstair for an interview .. I swear I'll be one puking too .. ..

Still .. the comotion goes on .. fuck .. this is really damn sick ..

Ok .. I'm gonna plug in my headphones to the radio to stop hearing the sound of the puking guy .. and to stop thinking about that ..

Another one bites the dust!!

Damn ..

I should have fucking just slept 30 mins ago!!
I should have minded my own damn bloody business!!
I should have been listening to the damn bloody radio!!

Frig!! It was raining .. I am awake .. I heard a loud Boom I looked out of the window ..


Another one bites the dust!
Another suicide in Chinatown .. Smith Street ..

This is really gross .. Can't seemed to see the head .. only the body .. .. trust me .. this is really friggin me out ..

I've not been blogging actively for a while .. and now that I've just started .. gosh .. gotta blog on such a topic .. honestly .. I am a lil too frigged out to sleep .. yah .. i know .. I may seemed like a tough nut .. but .. damn .. seeing a dead body is not exactly for the faint of heart ..


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just when u htink you''ve got a Shitty Job .. ..

There's a list of Worst Jobs in Britain after the Romans left in AD 500s .. sure brighten my day up .. my work ain't half that shitty anymore ..

A .. .. moving site

This is a moving site .. it is an Online Memorial Wall for Children who die of SID (Sudden Infant Death) Syndrome.

Well I often intend for my blog to be of lighter stuff .. but this site really caught my attention .. so .. well .. uurhh .. just take a look lah .. and if it ain't too much to ask of .. offer a lil' prayer too ..