Sunday, October 30, 2005

Moulin Huge

Was clearing the all the bovine excrement in my Hard-disk when I found a friggin funny parody called the Moulin Huge .. Trust me .. it is HUGE!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Subliminal Messages in Pop ??

Monday, October 03, 2005

Dream Camera :: Kyocera M400R

Was chking out Harvey Norman at Funan .. looking out for Canon Powershot A520 .. but was out of stock .. the salesman there virtually sold me on this Kyocera M400R

Hern Mei !!

10X optical Zoom
Free 512MB SD Card ..

Too bad .. payday not here yet ..

A lil old model .. but the functions at that price .. geesh .. I'll probably sell my SLR to get that siah .. since it can do wat my SLR can at only a fraction of the weight .. perfect for my rides ..

Let me strike Toto or 4D leh .. ..

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Following some links on Mr Brown's post on bad logo designs .. somehow ended up at a interesting site of bovine excrement .. see bey gay yen .. especially their challenge on "Celebrities in toilets" ..

Fucking funny man .. some sample ::

P2P software are safe guarding themselves

Was trying to download Limewire and I got to see this interesting "cover-backside" statement ..

A great deal of copyrighted material is available on file sharing networks.

Please be aware that many files are not legal to share or
download. Please do not download LimeWire software if you intend to use
it for illegal purposes.
It's like putting up a sign in Geylang saying ::

There are a hell lot of illegal whores in Geylang .. ie they do not meet the stringent ISO 9001 standards of their industry.

They may be prettier, hornier, and bustier! BUT .. still they are illegal and do not pay taxes to the Government who has legalised and sanitised the prostitutes in all brothels that bear the Singapore Service Class Logo.

The goverment cannot guarantee the cleaniless of unauthorised brothels and if your purpose of visiting Geylang is to patronise those, I think you are not welcomed .. .. nonetheless .. you may visit the Beef Hor-Fun Stall opposite .. look out for the one with the "Uniquely Singapore" Logo for authenticity ..

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Friggin Cool Videos

Community Project .. sponsored by Oakley and Red Bull .. .. got to know about this from James Torio .. a New York art director/designer .. from which there is also another mention of a biking video by Puma linked from Influx Insights .. trust me .. the video looks fucking COOL .. Hern Mei !!

You can actually clik the following pic ::