Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Dream Phone

Samsung i300

Beat this ::
  • 3 GB HDD
  • Windows Mobile OS
  • Stereo speakers
  • 3D sound
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Extended storage w/ micro-SD card
  • Bluetooth
  • IrDA
  • USB 2.0

I've started an account in

Some Reasons why I did ..





LOL .. Wat's new from a frog like me .. ..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cool Ads

Saw some cool ads ::

1) U think u can elope wif daddy's Cadillac?
2) If your buddy's not joining you for the next football game .. think again
3) So just how hot Tasbasco is .. Real Hot

More available at

Saturday, August 27, 2005

PERTH :: The Movie

Was forwarded this email by my friend, Peiyun.
Dear friends, family, and community,

This is a request or reminder if you may, to go watch the Singapore film, 'PERTH' currently playing at the cinemas.

Shaw is our distributor, and PERTH is playing at Lido, Balestier, Century Mall, and at GV Plaza and Yishun 10.

Since our release, we have received great reviews in LIFE!, Today, Newpaper, Zaobao and Shin Min. do check it out. website is here

Being an independent movie, we have to rely on peer-to-peer marketing. So do come and support.

I know many of you have tight schedules, do try to make an effort to watch it within these few days. It may not be in the cinemas for long.

Thank you very much.

Remember - Go watch PERTH - the Geyland Massacre now.

Juan Foo
Coincidentally I was reading about a review on this movie just now on IS-Magazine. Well with Lim Kay Tong as the Lead Actor, I believe it will be someting worth watching, so I decided to chk out the trailer . REALLY GOOD.

How to use the Blogger for MS Word ~ Mini Tutorial

Ok .. This mini-tutorial assumes a few things ::

  1. You know how to use MS Word.

  2. You have downloaded and installed a programme before

  3. You got internet connection

Should you fail to fulfill any of the above criteria (even just 1) .. Sorry .. this tutorial ain't for you! .. In fact, I don't think you should even consider blogging! Seriously.

Should you have any questions on using Blogger.COM, pls read THIS

Ok .. I'll skip all the crap and assumed that you've downloaded and installed the programme.

1) You'll see the Blogger for Word (B4W) Toolbar

2) Click on the "Blogger Setting" Button, and you will see a screen that will ask for your "Username" and "Password". Fill that up and U'r ready to go ..

If you do not already have a Blogger.COM account, you may also register it thru' the splash-screen.

3) Ok .. I am a bit of a sadist .. I'm trying to test a lil extremistically this new programme. So I am testing these following ::

i) Bolding, Underlining, Italising the text
ii) Changing the Colour of the test
iii) Inserting a pict

4) After you've clicked on the "Publish" button on the toolbar, you will see a screen asking for the title of the post and the blog you wanna post in.

5) This is the 1st bite of reality. The pict cannot be uploaded this way.

What a pity!!

6) Finally. The comparison.
  • The Bold, Italic, Underline did work as expected.
  • The Font-color property was over-ruled by the CSS of the template
  • Picture .. well just appeared as (image placeholder)

This is a 1st Test of Blogger for MS Word

This is a 1st Test of using Blogger for Word.

If you can see this it means that the plugin is working fine!

NO MORE Excuses you Technophobes!!


(image placeholder)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Red-hair fairy Stefanie Sun on HK beach

Hmmm .. that gives us a good reason to jio Dennis out

NABEH !! Almost strike 4D

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Okie Doodie .. It's been a while since I've posted the Banner and if you are wondering why and how .. read on

Why Kappocino ::
Well .. 10 Years ago .. somewhere in Changi .. BMT .. I got the nickname Frog .. by my sergeant who is obviously jealous of my cute looks .. ;)

So Frog = Kappo (Hokkien .. in case you are from another part of the planet)

Then 1 fate night in NeoPharoah's (where I was waitering with Wonger and Jaw) .. inspired by the Titanic and the equally good looking Leonardo DiCaprio .. Jaw started calling Leonardo De Kappo-Cino .. (locals who cannot speak ang-moh properly were calling him Leonardo DiCuppacino) .. and hey .. that sounds cool .. REALLY COOL .. that's how I adopted that nick.

That is also compounded by the fact that froggy is an impossible-to-get user id.

Then one day while I was smoking at the stairway, the idea of creating a of a frog in a cup of cuppa dawned upon me. Rest is history.

So now .. the creation ::

1) Finding the right picture in This took me quite a while as the posture of the frog and the angle the pict was taken does matter a great deal.

2) A no-brainer. Find a decent pict of a Cuppa .. this I got it in Flickr. Can't remember her name but it is in one of my older post.

3) Next open them up in my favourite Photoshop

4) As the Age-Old Wisdom says,"Backup your work!" The 1st thing I did was to make duplicates of the pix in PS before any edit starts

5) the next thing will be to rotate the frog to a more appropriate angle and superimpose it to the Cuppa pict.

Then .. Start Editing

6) The tricky part is to edit the frog that part of it is in the cup and part is out. Thus, I've gotta adjust the trasparncy of the layer to make minor editing to the edges.

Not too difficult though.

Other things to take note of will be the Shadows and the overall brightness and sharpness of the Cuppa. These are a little difficult to explain .. and at 3:05AM .. explain it?? Fuckit!!

7) Tadaa!!


Originally uploaded by kappocino.
Bit my friggin tongue while chewing gum .. ..

I swear it has got nothing to do with the previous post ..

Mastering the Male Orgasm

Ok .. Don't ask why am I blogging this!

I am bored. Bored of look for too much official and work related info online. Don't assume that this is my pre-masturbatory research .. where got time!!

So just enjoy this article from WebMD.

Hey at least I am doing u a favor by not blogging on some "Yin Du Shen You" (Indian Holy Oil) !!

2 Important Tip ::
1) There's a lot more to it than thrusting
2) Some women don't have orgasms though vaginal intercourse. Only clitoral stimulation does it for them.

So sit back relax and do what you need to do ..

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Singapore Dollar Bill

Saw this very Kay Yen joke on a NS boy's blog ..

Sunday, August 14, 2005

OMG .. Xia Xue is from RV!!

Chk her out in those .. uuhmm .. school uniform

Now we can start worshipping the ground she is Multiplying on ..

This is a very cool Auction Item in Ebay ..

Found this bid at

eBay: Do you have what it takes to make it home with me? (item 5604690408 end time Aug-16-05 17:21:59 PDT)

Well you can make home with her for USD 20.50 (current price) .. Go on guys .. hit it!! But be warned .. she is one hot witty chick .. so watch wat questions u shoot her ..

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Really Cool Flash

Was checking out on some court room tussle where Microsoftee is trying to grab a bite on the Apple's iPods.

.. .. Saw a really cool flash at Techweb ..

Initially there appears to be a lil dogeared page ..

Once you move the mouse over it .. TADAAaaa .. the page flips over ..

The beauty of it all is that the filpped portion actually has a refection of the advert .. real coo dezign ..

Stole a pict of a Cup of Cuppa

Originally uploaded by kinsiekins.
Stole it from Kinsiekins at ::

Friday, August 12, 2005

Lovely Pix ..

crisser. poze si ganduri.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Blog Day 2005??

Is there really such a thing?? Or is a hoax?? Pls help me clarify this ..

If this is real .. I'll put up a banner in my blog ..

Papers form Lima, Peru

Papers: from Lima, Peru
My 1st encounter of a Peruvian Blog .. That sure make our cheesy "Lian He Wan Bao" and "Sin Ming Ri Bao" look like Archie comics

Monday, August 08, 2005

Voices of Hope. An update from a missionary friend

Voices of Hope

A old pal of mine is serving in a Missionary in Thailand .. Somewhere really rural .. He is a friend that surely need some commendation.

Vince used to be a wayward kid, with studs on his tongue and can't remember where else .. that is not the point .. the point was there was a time where he was living day-by-day .. getting by .. But somehow .. somethings happened that made him take a better look at life .. and God .. and well after that .. all is history.

V is now a God-fearing man dedicating his life to spread The Word.

Good Luck ol Pal and God Bless ..

Parenting 101

Ok .. I am not a parent and I am no expert in this topic. So what on earth am I writing about. Let's just say speaking from a point of view from being someone's child. And, unfortunately, I am a god-damned-fucking only child. So what does that mean? Well, it simply means that all the damned bloody attention is on me. Too much of attention!

Parents just gotta understand one thing. That your god-damned-fucking children do grow up! If you fail to understand this, it only leads to one result .. RESENTMENT. Ok .. ok .. I guess resentment is too strong a word .. how about say frustration, pissed off, irritation. .. whatever the word may be, it still boils down to the same sentiments.

Acknowledging the fact that your children do grow up simply means .. LET THEM LIVE THEIR FUCKING LIFE! .. if they still can't think for themselves at this time .. they probably never will! No amount of fucking-nagging is gonna change them! It only pisses them off.

I am a smoker and I do not need 2 old hags to nag everyday at me the very instance they sense the slightest smell of cigarettes. Do they think that I don't fucking know the ills of smoking? Do they think that I was born last week or did I just come back from Jupiter and am not aware of these facts? Maybe they really think so. But .. please .. get a life!! I can easily recite more ills of smoking to them, than they can ever gather. The point is .. if you've told your offsprings 100 times and it still doesn't change a shit .. SHUT THE FUCK UP .. If 100 repititions won't change a thing, 1,000 or even 1,000,000 WON'T!!! I do believe in subconscious programming but for this aspect .. forget it!

Do they think that I do not want to quit? To hell I do! In fact, I've never met many smoker who do not, deep down in them, wanna kick the habit. And those that successful don't are surely not a result of their parents, or some god-damned-bloody-living-being's nagging.

To sum it all up .. the platinum rule of parenting is LEARN TO SHUT THE FUCK UP ..

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dim Sum Dollies

Dim Sum Dollies is must watch

DIm Sum DolliesJust watched this hilarious comedy this afternoon @ the liew lien .. see bey keh yen .. with a barrage of politically incorrect jokes .. this comedy is sure to make u chio kao peng ..

Never knew that Selena is such a funny character .. well .. let's just say that her performances in TCS shows are really LAME .. this S$19 is probably the best S$19 that I've spent in a long time ..

For those you have watched it before .. U SHOULD WATCH AGAIN .. a lot of updates and satirical jokes on the recent events like the NKF saga .. they made it a NSB (National Sperm Bank) story of how they can give you a HAND .. with the donations .. this is just one of the many jokes and I swear that there was a point during the play that my jaws were having cramps from the laughing.

All pictures are courtesy of SISTIC and I am blogging in my own capacity. Nothing mentioned here is on behalf of SISTIC of the NSB. I am also not recieving any hand from NSB, SISTIC or Selena.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Interesting Blog of everyone else's secret

Chk out someone else's secrets @

Very interesting Concept .. cool way to create viewership .. love the idea ::

Some Secrets that I like a

All images are property of ..

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Asia Cloned a first Dog

The Koreans have cloned a first dog called Snuppy

Hmm .. when will they start cloning BITCHES?? Will she be called Slutty??

Well .. woof knows

Screw Damn Yankees

With all their hypocritical cry for freedom and human rights .. those mother F*#kers can't even clean up their own act!!

I do not speak ill of US citizens .. I've known many great and respectable Americans .. but those lackeys of Bush .. Well .. wat goodness can you expect from George Warmonger Bush's Administration??

Chk this out::
Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs