Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tanjong Piai Trip

Just woke up from a nap after a trip to Tanjong Piai .. Chow Tar-ed .. Gotta to rush for Beng Lin's Wedding now .. I am not glad that Chinese Weeding dinners onl starts at 8~8:30pm .. bad habit .. but watta fuck .. I got my nap .. my shower .. my post .. who cares ..

May the Singapore Tourism Board can put this in their "Uniquely Singapore" Campaign ..

Before I go .. Some of the fotos can be found at ::

Anyway m thinking of setting a blog dedicated to all my cycling trips. .. .. will come back with more after I m back from the wedding .. .. .. and damn .. tomorrow will be Steve's & Chris' Wedding .. wah liao .. pwee liao ..

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bad News for P2P Users

Time to kiss another Mis-used Technology good bye

The US Supreme court ruled last month that companies that provide file-sharing software are liable for the actions of those who utilize the service to download copyrighted files.

That will mean things like Limewire, Morpheaus, Kazaa .. etc will soon be a thing of legend ..

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Best Car Wash ..

This is definitely the best car wash service I've seen. Time to get your cars .. diiiirty ..

Disgusting Singaporean #001

Ok .. I had wanted to post this up for the longest time .. but being down with illness was the surest way of disrupting all plans.

So .. there was this day that I was on my way to Jurong to get my Laptop fixed. And Damn! I found myself sitting beside a disgusting lump! As you can clearly see in the picture the pleasure this lump is deriving from digging his ear .. IN THE MRT!!

To hell there ain't nothing wrong with digging ones' ears .. but .. in a MRT .. I am not hesitating on putting this pict up as it is obvious that this guy doesn't mind a bit.

And cotton-budding his ain't all .. is just the GRAND FINALE!!
He was actually ::
  1. Drinking "Axe" Brand Medicated Oil
  2. Cotton-budding his nostrils *ouch*
which sadly I missed .. gossh .. gruesome ..

The only redeeming grace he had was that he did not little the train but .. as a law abiding citizen .. put the soiled cotton buds back into a plastic bag .. the same on he took the buds out from ..

Uurrh .. just decided that this may be an interesting topic that I may wanna post abt in the future .. btw .. I've uploaded the pix in Flickr under the tag "disgustingsingaporean"

Thursday, September 01, 2005

3 Chicks I'd love to date !!

Why?? Find out Here